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Remedial massage technique is a great way to release muscle tension, especially for those that suffer from acute and chronic pain.

However, it differs from relaxation massage, as it is an active strategy to further treat your muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body. This assists rehabilitation, areas that you are experiencing pain and for injury management.

Our therapists are very understanding about your areas of concern, where during consultation with you will assess factors that may be contributing to your problem areas.

Having helped hundreds of patients at our clinic in resolving and relieving pain, we understand the value of feeling healthy, pain free and having a care plan to ensure restoration of balance, alignment and mobility.

This treatment may also involve deep tissue work and uses specific applied pressure. However this can be altered to your preference. Please feel free to chat with one of our therapists to discuss what you are most comfortable with and how we can help you.

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